dentist tijuana(non-registered)
This is good site .
Jenny Gold(non-registered)
awesome portfolio. Love your work!
Benjamin Klotz(non-registered)
I couldn't believe the amount of antiquity it took just to get that shot! Bo has out did himself with his camera! I could see him becoming the next Ansel Adams of aviation! With all he has given me, I take great pride what he has to offer next! He continues to impress all of us with his work and hope to see more of his work! I'm proud to own some of his great art work with aircraft! Keep up the great work!
TG Watkins(non-registered)
I have known Bo for about 5 years now and he has always been a great friend to me. I recently had a photo shoot done by another photographer (Bo was out of the country) and I was very displeased with the customer service of the photographer I hired. Bo heard about my issues and offered to pick up where the other guy left off and continue editing the images. He spent quality time on them and was patient while helping me hone in on what I had in mind. We are now in the final phase of the process and has shown he is well connected with printers and well versed with the various software needed to perfect the images.

I appreciate the generous time he has given me to fix someone else's problem.
I look forward to the next photo shoot I have planned and will begin the process with Bo this time!
Robert Eick
great pics and very professional website
I'm recently retired 26 years with Continental/United
my son carrying on the legacy
dad flew corporate for Standard Oil
3 generations in aviation.
I have an extensive Aperture library
and so much on 35mm. I've had plans converting my 35mm to digital but I need motivation.Just wanted you to know I enjoy your photos. Bob Eick/NJ
Lee Robida(non-registered)
Great shot of the Dreamlifter. You have a great eye and timing to capture the moment of machine meeting the air again.
Corey T(non-registered)
I purchased some of Bo's pictures. He really went out of his way to meet up with me. He even had re-prints made because he was not satisfied with the way the way the initial ones looked. A true professional. Thanks Bo!!!
Great photos! Artistic touch of subject matter.
Steve Potter(non-registered)
Great meeting you in Taos! Awesome pictures! Glad we didnt take your head off with our wingtip! LOL You should put on a ghillie suit and no one would ever know you're there!
Hopefully you'll be hooking up with NetJets when we start hiring again.
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