Artist Statement:
As a child, I tended to see the world through a different "lens". As I grew older, I knew that I wanted to capture the images that my lens saw, but didn't have the resources, or the opportunity.

I have always had a passion for aviation and flying. I was born on an Air Force base. My father flew airplanes. I was at the flight line frequently watching those loud, noisy aircraft take flight, and I developed a passion for doing that.

In 2003, I entered the United States Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. Not Top Gun, and not flying F-14 Tomcats, as was my dream, but it was my first step towards making my dream a reality. And I took a camera with me into my new career. I finally had an opportunity to turn that alternative view of life into something the world could see.

I started shooting everything that I saw, but mostly focused on aviation, as that it where my passion lies. With a Nikon D70 in hand, I would go to the airfield, and try to get as close as possible to the action without getting run over by the jets.

In 13 years time, I have been around the world 4 times. I have been on every continent except Antarctica and my camera has gone with me. We (My camera and I) have refueled the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, and numerous other aircraft in flight. I have had the opportunity to capture animals in habitats barely touched by humans.

I have taught myself new techniques, and worked to create shots that are often difficult, and require diligence, and patience, which, if you know me, I'm not gifted with. You can see that in my Hummingbird and Bee shots. In shooting aviation, I saw opportunities to capture the entire picture, leading me into landscape, and nature photography.

Today, I am a full-time photographer, an ATP rated Professional pilot & Air Traffic Controller, and an entrepreneur.

I shoot Nikon bodies and Nikkor lenses. I am a member of ISAP, AOPA, Red Star Pilots Association, and the Commemorative Air Force.

I hope that my work inspires others to vigorously pursue their dreams. I hope to convey that message that not quitting is the only way to accomplish hard won dreams and goals. It is only because I have had the opportunity to associate with people bigger and better than me that I am where I am today. I hope that my work will encourage you to do the same.  

Thank you for stopping by.